Personalized Language Learning

In a world of one-size-fits-all language apps, Pronunciator is different — we offer personalized language learning.

Simply select the topics you love, the skills you want to build, and how much you want to study each day, and Pronunciator will build a robust and effective personalized course just for you — in a matter of seconds. We also create a personalized study guide in PDF format, and dozens of personalized audio lessons, for every course you build.

With 300+ languages to learn (and 144 home languages to learn them in), and the most comprehensive collection of instructional phrases, audio recordings and videos in the world, you’ll never run out of possibilities.

And, if you’re learning a language for your job, we’ve got you covered: Whether you’re a nurse, a firefighter, a cashier, a carpenter — or any of 60 occupations — you can build a personalized course designed specifically for your job.

Want to learn American Sign Language? Or how about Mexican Sign Language? We’ve got the largest courses in the world, with 20,000 instructional videos each.

How about American ESL? Also the largest course in the world, with 50,000 instructional phrases and 10,000 videos. We even have ESL for Australian, British, Canadian, Indian, Irish, New Zealand and Scottish English. Create a personalized ESL course taught in the language of your choice (choose from any of 143), focusing on the skill or skills most important to you: speaking, understanding, reading and/or writing.

Each course features a wide variety of activities to keep you engaged; video clips and human voices to keep it real; and progress tracking to keep you motivated.

Plus, you can resume where you left off with a single click or tap from any device — mobile or desktop.

Pronunciator is the only way to learn languages with you in mind!