Our 98% renewal rate speaks volumes about how happy libraries are with Pronunciator.

Fastest Growing

In 1,500+ library systems… plus LA, AL, WY, ID, SD and ME state-wide… Pronunciator is spreading fast.

Long-Term Usage

With over 9,000 instructional phrases per language, and live language tutors, your patrons won’t be looking for something else.

Generous Marketing Support

Unlimited high quality, 4-color marketing materials and manuals are yours for free.

Toll-Free Support, 7 Days a Week

Patrons don’t stop learning over the weekend, and we don’t stop supporting them, either.

Unlimited Concurrent Remote Access

Come one, come all, there is no limit to how many of your patrons can learn at once.

Budget Friendly

We offer more languages, content, and functionality than our rivals at much lower prices.

Continual Innovation

7 days a week, people are working on keeping Pronunciator the most comprehensive language-learning service in the world.

Good Karma

Designed by a librarian for libraries,
our service philosophy is aligned with your own.

Pronunciator in your Library!

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Pronunciator Web

Pronunciator’s straight forward approach teaches practical language skills across every functional area: Listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, and culture.


Pronunciator for iPad

Designed just for the iPad, with every single feature of Pronunciator Web, this leverages the full power of Pronunciator and the full capabilities of the iPad.


Pronunciator for iPhone/iPod

Designed expressly for the iPhone/iPad, Pronunciator for iPhone/iPod touch packs every feature of Pronunciator into the palm of your hand.


Pronunciator for Android tablets

No one-size-fits-all app here, this is Pronunciator custom-enginereed and optimized for the full range of Android tablets.


Pronunciator for Android phones

Another custom-coded, full-featured version of Pronunciator, built expressly for Android phones.


Pronunciator for Kids

90 units just for kids. Don’t buy a separate platform for your youngest learners — Pronunciator has got you covered.


Pronunciator Audio Lessons

Up to 350 hours of streamable, downloadable, DRM-free audio lessons per course.


Pronunciator Course Designer

Design and deploy your own courses, leveraging Pronunciator’s rich content and advanced framework.