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Connecting Communities, One Language at a Time With Pronunciator's vast library of 315 languages, your patrons have a world of possibilities.

From the Amazon to the Himalayas …

Your patrons will journey across a mosaic of cultures, from bustling cities resounding with the world’s most spoken languages to secluded corners where the rarest and most critically endangered languages cling to existence. From the rain-kissed jungles of the Amazon, echoing with the rhythm of indigenous tongues, to the high, serenading whispers of Himalayan dialects, our platform serves as a bridge to these distant lands.
… and the distant past to the future.

Pronunciator also invites your patrons to explore constructed languages like Esperanto, Klingon, and Valyrian, and to uncover extinct languages of the past, such as Akkadian and Hittite. It’s not just a language learning platform – it’s a movable feast of linguistic diversity, an unending journey into the very heart of human creativity. Pronunciator cultivates not just language proficiency, but a deeper understanding of the world and its vibrant patchwork of cultures.

Building Bridges

Pronunciator is a comprehensive platform offering 315 world language courses, suitable for all learning styles.

The platform supports auditory learners with audio lessons and audio chat, visual learners with videos and images, and kinesthetic learners with interactive activities and text chats.

Text-based learners have access to personalized daily lessons, grammar explanations, and printable phrasebooks, while visual learners benefit from movies and thousands of photos.

Instead of written language, illiterate learners can use organized images for clear comprehension.

With Pronunciator, anyone can effectively learn languages according to their preference and needs.

The most languages, the most varied instruction

  • 315 languages to learn
  • Instruction via 144 home languages
  • 6 million hours of audio lessons
  • Text and audio chat
  • Daily lessons
  • Support for all learning styles — auditory, visual, kinesthetic
  • Support to those who are visually impaired or at basic literacy levels

Way Beyond the Basics

Pronunciator's unique approach sets it apart, moving well beyond the basics offered by competitors.While other platforms might encourage users to rely on self-recordings without analysis or give empty praise for incorrect answers, Pronunciator takes language learning further. We dive deep, providing real-time pronunciation scores, extensive grammar explanations, and constructive, adaptive assessments. 

This comprehensive methodology ensures that your patrons fully grasp each concept, avoiding common pitfalls that can lead to demoralization and hinder progress. 

With Pronunciator, we don't just teach patrons to speak a language - we guide them to master it, to truly understand it, and to use it confidently in real-world situations. 

Embrace the in-depth approach and experience the real progress and satisfaction that comes with comprehensive language learning.

Going further...

  • Advanced real-time phoneme analysis for perfecting pronunciation
  • Millions of in-context grammar explanations
  • Adaptive tests with PDF certificates complete with CEFR scores
  • Hundreds of thousands of pronunciation videos
  • 30+ drill/quiz types
  • Identification of areas for improvement
  • 10,000 intelligent flashcards per language 

Grammar note
Pronunciation videos

Helping Your Newest Community Members

Welcome your new neighbors with Pronunciator's inclusive language learning platform. Catering to the needs of virtually any immigrant, we teach English in 144 home languages.

Our resource-rich platform hosts thousands of video clips where they can see and hear real native English speakers in action, providing a more authentic learning experience. 

With additional features like prep courses for U.S. and Canada citizenship tests, feature-length movies for immersive language learning, and highly interactive English grammar explanations, Pronunciator offers far more than just language instruction. 

It's an all-encompassing tool for acculturation and language mastery, helping your community's newest members adapt, communicate, and thrive.

World's largest ESL/ELL/ESOL resource

  • 10,000 instructional phrases, each with detailed grammar note.
  • 7 flavors of English taught in 144 languages
  • Thousands of pronunciation video clips to see and hear native speakers
  • Adaptive English test with PDF certificate complete with CEFR scores
  • Movies in English with integrated drills and quizzes
  • Citizen preparation for the US and Canada