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How do I register?

Go to your library, university or organizaton’s website and click on their link to Pronunciator. Then click “Register” and create a student name (user name) and password for yourself.

What is Instant Access?

Instant Access provides you full access to Pronunciator for the duration of the current session without needing to register. No record of your quiz scores or progress is kept (unlike when you register, which allows you to track progress and store quiz scores indefinitely). Instant Access is available through your public library, university, or organization’s website link to Pronunciator.

Where do I get an Entry Code?

If your teacher or trainer has created a custom course using the Pronunciator Course Designer, they will assign an Entry Code to you. Otherwise, you won’t receive (and don’t need) an Entry Code, and it can be left blank.

Where do I log in?

Directly in the Pronunciator app:

Can I use Pronunciator on my phone or tablet?

Yes, you can simply run Pronunciator (HTML5 version) within your mobile device’s web browser:

What is a Student Name?

The Student Name is Pronunciator’s equivalent of a “User name.”

How do I change my Student Name and/or Password?

What is a Personalized Course?

A Personalized Course is a series of lessons created specifically for you, taking into account the things you love (or your occupation), the learning goals you have, your skill level in the language, how much time you have available each day, how motivated you are, and how many months you want to study.

How many Personalized Courses can I create?

There is no limit, though we suggest only creating courses that you will actually pursue.

Can I create a Personalized Course that will help me in my job?

You’ve come to the right place! Yes, you can create a Personalized Course for any of 60 occupations.

Can I print a PDF study guide that contains my Personalized Course?

Yes. You can print a detailed study guide for your Personalized Course. The option to download the PDF is available on the left side of every page of your Personalized Course. We even create customized audio lessons for your Personalized Courses!

How do I create a Personalized Course?

After you select the language you want to learn, you’ll see an option for creating (or resuming) Personalized Courses.

Why are my pronunciation scores so low?

If you are receiving unusually low scores on exercises or quizzes that use our voice analysis algorithm, here are some tips that can help: 1) Be sure you are in a quiet location. The voice analysis algorithm is highly sensitive to noise. The quieter the room, the better your results will be. 2) Record your voice using our Voice Comparison drill. When it is played back to you, listen for volume or quality issues. 3) If your scores are consistently “20” or “25,” your mic may not be connected. 4) If your score is “-100”, refresh your browser, because you have lost your connection to the server.

I have the iPhone or iPad app installed, and the mic is not working.

Apple doesn’t yet offer mic support in the technology used in the Pronunciator app. However, there is a workaround: Use the HTML5 version of Pronunciator ( directly in Safari. (For mic support in Safari, Apple requires iOS 11 to be installed at a minimum.)

How do I track my progress?

Pronunciator’s quizzes objectively measure all aspects of your progress in your new language.All quizzes are scored. If you are logged in, and complete a quiz, your score is saved. Your scores are also automatically synced between the browser-based and mobile versions of Pronunciator.You can view your scores at any time by clicking on the “My Stats” link (it’s an icon that looks like a bar graph) in the top right of the Pronunciator app.

Do I need a computer microphone to use Pronunciator?

It’s not essential, but it is highly recommended (especially if you want to work on your speaking skills).

Do you have audio lessons?

Yes, Pronunciator has 5.5 million hours (628 calendar years) of audio lessons available for streaming and download. You can find the audio lessons within the Main Course of each language.

Do you have PDF phrasebooks?

Pronunciator has over 21,920 phrasebooks available for download in PDF format. They can be read in any device that supports PDF.Each 32- to 64-page phrasebook contains 1,500 key phrases, displayed in two columns: On the left is your language; on the right is the foreign language.You can generate phrasebooks in any language combination you like. For example, a Spanish-French phrasebook; or a Korean-Japanese phrasebook; etc., etc.

How do I access ProCitizen: US or Procitizen: Canada?

Through the “Learning Guides and More” section in American English or Canadian English, respectively.

Do you offer the ability to learn in languages other than English?

Yes. Pronunciator helps you learn any of 160 languages through any of 137 home languages.

Do you offer other options to learn beside personalized language courses?

Mais oui! Pronunciator offers pure self-directed learning in each language’s “Main Course,” guided learning for casual learners in the “Postcards” courses; 3.5 million hours of audio lessons (that’s 400 calendar years!); comprehensive citizenship preparation courses for Canada and the United States; video phrases; city guides; over 10,000 downloadable phrasebooks; interactive feature films; major label music with lyrics; and much (really!) more.

Can I subscribe to Pronunciator as an individual?

Pronunciator is a premium language-learning resource that is only available to organizations. Check with your local public library — they might have it and you’ll be able to use Pronunciator for free! If you library doesn’t subscribe, you can always join our sister service, Bluebird Languages (https:/

I'm a nurse and want to learn American Sign Language for use in my job. How can I do this?

Easily! While creating a Personalized Course, just select Nursing as your Occupation, and American Sign Language as the language you want to learn. Pronunciator will create a personalized course in ASL specifically designed for nursing.

What happened to ProLive?

Coinciding with the release of Personalized Language Courses, and the launch of Video Phrases, ProLive was discontinued.

My personalized course has 5 days of lessons each week, plus a review lesson. Must I do a lesson every day?

You can set your own pace, and do lessons whenever you like.

Can I create a personalized language course using Mexican Spanish as my home language?

Yes, you can create personalized language courses in any of 137 home languages, including Mexican Spanish.

I just created way too many personalized courses for myself. How do I delete the ones I won't be using?

In your list of personalized courses, just click the trash icon next to the course you want to delete. You’ll be asked to confirm your action before it’s deleted.

Do you have a course teaching English?

We have the world’s largest ESL courses, covering American, Australian, British, Canadian, Indian, Irish, New Zealand and Scottish English, taught in 137 languages.

Can I download and print my progress reports and quiz scores?

Yes. You can download progress and score reports in neatly-formatted PDF format from under “MyStats.”