ESL and Citizenship Preparation

Learn English with the largest ESL resource in the world

Pronunciator’s American English course is the most comprehensive in the world, with over 50,000 instructional phrases (and 10,000 instructional videos). Having this much didactic content means that Pronunciator can create highly robust personalized courses for you, targeted to your personal interests, your occupation, your learning goals, and your available time for learning.

Pronunciator’s courses for Australian, British, Canadian, Indian, Irish, New Zealand and Scottish English are also the largest available, with 10,000 instructional phrases each.

You can learn any of these English varieties from any of 120 home languages. Each home language has translations, navigation options, thousands of hours of audio lessons, and often narrators and virtual coaches in that language, for a truly localized — and personalized — learning experience.

ProCitizen: Citizenship preparation

Included in all Pronunciator subscriptions are comprehensive citizenship courses for both new American and new Canadian citizens.

With over 100 instructional videos each, plus interactive drills and quizzes, ProCitizen: US and ProCitizen: Canada provide the civics, vocabulary, plus reading and writing practice that new citizens need to succeed at each country’s respective naturalization test.

ProCitizen: US is available in both English and Spanish. ProCitizen: Canada is available in English.

While each course is available within the Main Course of either American English or Canadian English, direct links are also available for institutions to provide direct access to either course.