Pronunciator Course Designer FAQ

FAQ for Course Designer

Is Course Designer free?

Yes. However, Course Designer is meant to be used within a Higher Education, K-12, or Public Library subscription to Pronunciator, so that all students affiliated with your institution can access your courses for free. Note that students must possess a library card or student ID from a institution that subscribes to Pronunciator to be able to access courses created through Course Designer.

Do I need to install any software to use Course Designer?

Provided your web browser has Flash installed, no.

Do my students need to install any software to take my custom courses online?

No, they only need Flash installed in their browser. They can also take your custom courses in their iPad, iPhone/iPod touch, Android tablet, or Android phone.

Can anybody access my course?

No, only those you provide with an Entry Code. There is a single Entry Code for each course you make (though you can create additional Entry Codes if you want to provide the same course to different people, such as different sections that you teach).

Is there support for multiple class sessions?

Yes. If you want to organize your students into sections, you can deploy the same course to each section, but provide each section with a unique Entry Code so you can keep them separate for grading purposes.

Can I create a course for a language that Pronunciator doesn't have?

Yes! Just contact us before you do, so we can add the language name to our database.

How do I deploy my course?

When you are ready, click a “Publish” button within Course Designer and your course will be immediately available to those you have provided with an Entry Code.

Can I add narration to my lessons?

Yes, you can either record narration directly in Course Designer, or upload audio files within Course Designer.

Can I add video to my lessons?

Yes, you can embed YouTube videos into your lessons.

If I am not a professional teacher, can I use Course Designer?

No, you must be a teacher involved in language instruction (K-12, higher ed, literacy, corporate training, or ESL).

Are there any exceptions to this?

Maybe. Contact us if you don’t fit into any of the above categories, but feel you qualify on other grounds.

Is there any limit to how small, or large, my course can be?

Not at all. You can create a simple course or a comprehensive, multi-month course.

Do you have a video tutorial available?

Yes, we have a 30-minute comprehensive tutorial available free of charge. Simply write to us via the form on the right side of this page with your request.

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