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Course Designer 3

Pronunciator’s Course Designer is a powerful tool for teachers (homeschool, K-12, higher education, etc.) to create language courses for their students and track student progress.

Courses can be created either in any of the 163 languages that Pronunciator offers, or in over 1,000 other languages. When you create a course in a language that Pronunciator already offers, you can reuse any of the more than 1 million instructional phrases, audio clips, and video clips that are already in Pronunciator. When you create a course in a “custom language” (a language that Pronunciator doesn’t offer), you can easily add your own phrases and audio.

Below are video tutorials, presented in logical order, on how to build courses in Course Designer, deploy them to your students, and track student progress.

Tutorial 1: Creating a teacher account

Tutorial 2: Creating a course using an existing language

Tutorial 3: Creating levels

Tutorial 4: Adding units to levels

Tutorial 5: Adding phrases to units

Tutorial 6: Adding an optional micro note to a phrase

Tutorial 7: Adding events (drills/quizzes/notes) to a unit

Tutorial 8: Providing students access to your course

Tutorial 9: Tracking student progress

Tutorial 10: Managing custom phrases in a Custom Language course