About Robert

Robert Savage knows libraries. A librarian by training, he creates large-scale information solutions for public and academic libraries. This includes Pronunciator, a language-learning service that teaches 163 languages through any of 144 home languages; and Bluebird, the largest audiobook library in the world, containing 6 million hours of audio lessons in 163 languages.

He started his career at Parisian publishing house Lamy S.A. (now Wolters Kluwer) during college summers. In 1992 he was hired by McKinsey & Company’s Milan office. From there, he went on to author a compendium of business information resources in Italian published as GuidAffari by business publisher Il Sole 24 Ore (Milan). Back in the US, he authored two electronic databases on international trade, published by reference publisher Gale Research (Detroit).

Starting in the mid-1990’s he founded World Market Watch Inc and published 1Jump, a subscription-based company information service, and then VisitorVille, a gamification of web analytics.

From 2010 through the present, he runs Pronunciator LLC (Pronunciator and Bluebird). Current customers include the states of Alabama, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, and Wyoming, the Province of Alberta, Suffolk and Nassau Counties in New York, San Joaquin Valley Library System, Peninsula Library System (San Mateo County, etc.), Sacramento Public Library, Oakland Public Library, San Jose Public Library, and hundreds more.

In 2022, Robert was featured in the book WE ARE PLAY, published by Google.

An avid amateur photographer and AI enthusiast, he won 1st Prize in the 2022 Neutral Density Magazine Street Photography Awards, the first time AI-generated images won a street photo competition. An advocate of clean energy, he is a long-time investor in Tesla.

He was educated at SUNY Binghamton, the Sorbonne, the Radcliffe Publishing Procedures Course, the University of Michigan School of Information, and the Yale School of Management.

Robert lives with his family in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Florence, Italy.