Pronunciation Analysis

Proprietary speech analysis and real-time scoring ensures you are speaking accurately and understandably.



Is it live, or is it A.I.?

Is there a live person there offering me targeted advice? No, but it sure feels like it: We use artificial intelligence to provide in-context feedback as you perfect your pronunciation and learn vocabulary.



Pitch Perfect

Perfect your pronunciation of tonal languages like Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese with our pitch drill, which uses musical notes to compare your pitch with native speakers.



Learning Guides

Need a little guidance? Take one of our highly structured 8-week courses. Up to 20 months of guided instruction per language!



Learn language while being entertained! ProFlix brings the magic of movies to language-learning.




Language-learning through song! Catchy songs mean catchy lyrics that stay in your head.




Intelligent flashcards help you learn large quantities of words in the shortest time possible.




Learn language through the greatest hits of the world’s greatest recording artists, with accompanying lyrics.


Learn to Converse

Virtual conversations simulate real-world interaction to an uncanny degree. It’s the closest you can get to speaking face to face with a native.



Full-Spectrum Testing

Quizzes test the full spectrum of language acquisition — vocabulary, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, spelling, writing, and pronunciation.



Global Approach

Other language-learning services are anglo-centric. They expect Chinese speakers to learn Spanish through English. But Pronunciator is different. By giving you the power to learn 80 languages in any of 50 languages, we offer a truly global learning platform.



Grammar Textbooks

Adults need explanations of grammar to fully grasp it. Our interactive Grammar References provide the insights you need to take your learning further, faster.



Culture and Business Insights

We partner with the world’s leading intercultural publisher, Nicholas Brealey, to bring you professional insights into the cultures and peoples you’re studying.



Streaming Audio To Go

Hundreds of hours of audio lessons per course helps you extend your learning offline. Download to your mp3 player or burn to CD for your commute.




Download any of 4,000 phrasebooks in PDF format and take it with you on your next adventure.



Interactive Stats

Keep track of your progress and keep motivated with stats that you interact with. Plus, stars and trophies reward you as you progress.



ProSearch / Dictionary

Look up the meaning of a word (in either the language you are learning, or your own language), or search for specific grammatical examples across an entire course.



User Manuals

Comprehensive, helpful manuals in both English and Spanish. Offered in PDF and printed versions.



Course Designer

Teachers: Build your own online language courses, and deploy them to an unlimited number of students.




Prepare for the real world of language with workplace-specific exercises.