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Setting up Pronunciator on your website

Simply add your unique Library ID to the Pronunciator Base URL.
     URL format:

For configuration of EZProxy or WAM, see:

Additional Base URLs

There are several additional Base URLs for Pronunciator that you can use:

– A link to a Spanish language landing page.
     URL format:

ProCitizen (Citizenship preparation course):

– A direct link to the ProCitizen citizenship course with English interface language
     URL format:

– A direct link to the ProCitizen citizenship course with a Spanish language interface (and Spanish instructional videos)
     URL format:

ProLibrary (English <-> Spanish library course):

– A direct link to the ProLibrary level, with Spanish interface and English learning language
     URL format:

– A direct link to the ProLibrary level, with English interface and Spanish learning language
     URL format:

Buttons and banners

You can download buttons to use with your links:

Pronunciator Web

The Pronunciator web version works in any modern browser. There is an app for HTML5, and an app that uses Flash. Both apps have near-equal feature parity. Both apps need JavaScript and Cookies enabled. The HTML5 version will work in mobile browsers, though there are known issues that are beyond our control at this time. The Flash version will not work in mobile devices. Fortunately, there are apps specifically programmed for mobile devices available (see below).


Pronunciator has natively programmed apps for all Apple, Android, and Kindle Fire devices.

Before using the apps, the patron needs to register via your website’s Pronunciator link and obtain a “Student name” (aka user name) and “Password.” With these credentials, they can log into any of the apps and progress will automatically be synced across all the devices they use Pronunciator on.

The apps can be downloaded via this link:

The Course Designer

Pronunciator includes a module that allows you to create custom courses (large or small) for your patrons or students.

Course Designer online manual:

Course Designer Video tutorial:

The Course Designer itself:

Usage Statistics

The administrative portal, where you can obtain and download statistics, is here:

Log in under “Library Log In” with the credentials provided to you by TexShare.

Note: This administrative login won’t work to access Pronunciator as a user.

Ordering Free Promotional Items

The online shop is here:

Tip: When you check out, create an account so that your shipping address is saved for future orders. Don’t use the admin login (which is only for usage statistics) to log into the shop.

Main Features of Pronunciator:

80 languages to learn
English taught in 50 languages
An average of 4 years of activities per language
About 2 years of 8-week structured courses (Learning Guides) per language
Live weekly online conversation classes (ProLive)
Citizenship preparation course (ProCitizen)
4,000 downloadable PDF phrasebooks
20,000+ hours of downloadable audio lessons
Feature films for language learners (ProFlix)
Music with lyrics for language learners (ProRadio)
Custom Course Designer for teachers

Manuals and Video Overview

PDF manuals in both English and Spanish are available here:

An overview video, covering Pronunciator’s main features, is available here:


For further help or troubleshooting, please contact Pronunciator Support at:

Phone: 800-328-1776
Support Site: