Pronunciator LLC provides a comprehensive suite of language-learning solutions:


Pronunciator – The world’s most comprehensive language-learning service. 164 languages to learn, 144 languages to learn them in. Years of learning activities within each language.

Course Designer – Easily and quickly create robust language courses for your students by re-using Pronunciator’s content and functionality. Course Designer also lets you create courses in any language in the world. Course Designer is provided at no charge to all Pronunciator subscribers.

ProCitizen – Comprehensive citizenship preparation for new US and Canadian citizens. ProCitizen is provided at no charge to all Pronunciator subscribers.

Bluebird – Audiobooks Meet Language Learning. The world’s largest audio library, Bluebird teaches 164 languages through 12 million audio lessons narrated in any of 146 languages. Millions of users worldwide. Available on the App Store and Google Play, as well as a browser-based HTML5 app.


Librari – The AI-powered Reference Assistant.