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Pronunciator for Individual Subscribers

Pronunciator’s building-block approach to language instruction makes it appropriate for all ages and all levels. Each language course features nearly 10,000 instructional phrases and thousands of drills and quizzes. Our most popular languages even include live conversation sessions (ProLive) throughout the week.


FAQ for Individual Subscribers

How many languages do you offer?

87, and growing. We also have ESL taught in 55 languages.

Uniquely, we also offer the ability to learn any language in any other language — making for 4,785 possible course combinations.



How much does an individual subscription cost?

An annual subscription is just US $195 per year, or a monthly subscription is just US $19.95/month. Both include unlimited usage (including unlimited access to our live teachers).

Do you offer remote access?

Yes. You can use Pronunciator wherever they are, either via a web browser or one of our mobile apps.

Do you have ESL?

Yes, we have English courses (American, Australian, British, and Canadian) with over 50,000 instructional phrases, taught in any of 55 interface languages. We also have dozens of live online English conversation classes each week.

Do you have scored quizzes?

Yes, over 2,000 per course. Detailed reports are available, showing scores on every quiz. You can even export your scores in PDF format.

Do you have apps?

Pronunciator’s responsive HTML5 app can be used in browsers on all Android and Apple devices, plus Kindle Fire.

Do you have movies?

Yes. Feature-length films can be viewed in our ProFlix feature!

Do you have music?

Yes. Our ProRadio and ProTunes services teaches language through song!

How do you compare to...?

We offer more content and more functionality than any other vendor. Plus live teachers.

How much content do you have?

We provide an average of 9,600 instructional phrases per language; 3,000,000 vocabulary words across the languages; over 700,000 hours of streamable, downloadable audio lessons; 4,785 downloadable PDF phrasebooks; and 28,000 photos to complement learning. Nobody else offers anything close to this amount of organized content.

What type of support can we expect?

We provide same-day, 7-day-a-week support.

How long have you been around?

We began development in 2009, and launched in 2011.

What is your methodology?

Pronunciator uses a combination of newfangled interactive techniques (e.g. virtual coaching, pronunciation analysis), and proven old-school methods (e.g. audio lessons, scored quizzes), in a structured learning approach that focuses on the intensive reinforcement of what is learned.

What are the minimum technical requirements for the browser-based player?

A web browser that has JavaScript and Cookies enabled.

Speakers or headphones are needed to hear the audio content.

A computer microphone is needed for interactive activities, such as pronunciation analysis.

Do you use humans for translations and voice?

Yes, native speakers are used for both translation and voice-over work. No machine translation or computer voices are used.

Is there any content that is not included in a subscription?

No. All subscriptions provide full-access to all Pronunciator content.

Are there download limits?

Yes. Each individual subscriber can download up to 90 MP3 audio lessons per month (about 60 hours of content); and up to 10 e-Phrasebooks per month. The following month, the cap is lifted, and they can resume streaming or downloading.