Licensing Pronunciator for your public library, university, consortium, state or country.

Thousands of organizations — plus several states and a province — entrust their language-learning to Pronunciator, and for good reason: Pronunciator is unique in offering personalized courses (including personalized courses based on any of 60 occupations) in any of 164 languages; instruction in any of 146 home languages; has the world’s largest collection of interactive language-learning resources, the world’s largest ESL courses, the world’s largest collection of language-learning audio lessons (12,000,000 and counting); the world’s largest American Sign Language course (20,000 instructional videos); and the world’s only Mexican Sign Language video course.

On top of that, it’s competitively priced. We have been serving organizations since 2012, and have never raised our annual subscription rates. We prefer to grow by loyalty and word-of-mouth than by a mechanical price increase each renewal. Founded by a former language teacher/librarian, we strive to operate the business more like a public service.

“The changes to Pronunciator are fantastic! It started great and just keeps getting better. We also appreciate so much that the price stays constant.” – Reference Librarian, Virginia.

Pronunciator is available as an all-access (everything is included) annual subscription service. Pricing is based on your population served (if a library or consortium), full-time student enrollment (if a university or school), or full-time employee count (if a business or agency). We’re proud to be state-wide in Alabama, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, and Wyoming; province-wide in Alberta; and to partner with CALIFA and LYRASIS, among other consortia.

“The quality of your product is exceptional. One of my colleagues majored in Spanish and had purchased all of the Rosetta Stone programs. She stated that Pronunciator is a far superior product.” – Reference Librarian, North Carolina.

We support a wide variety of authentication methods, and offer unlimited concurrent remote access.

Direct-to-patron/student/staff support is available 7 days/week.

Free trials and personal webinars are available to organizations upon request.

For a no-obligation price quote, write, call: 800-328-1776, or simply fill out the form below. We’re also happy to provide references of organizations near you.

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