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Pronunciator for Libraries

Pronunciator was founded by a librarian, Robert Savage (U. of Michigan School of Information, ’90), and is committed to serving public, academic, and special libraries.

We provide more content and more functionality than competing services, and do it at library-friendly prices. We also provide 7-day-a-week support that borders on the instantaneous.

Give us a call at 800-328-1776. We can tell you about libraries in your area who already subscribe; provide you with a competitive quote on the spot; schedule a custom webinar; and/or set up a free trial for staff.

How many languages do you offer?

80, and growing. We also have ESL for 50 non-English languages. Each language has an average of 9,000 instructional phrases, which translates to about 4 years of possible activities per language.

Uniquely, we also offer the ability to learn any language in any other language — making for 4,000 possible course combinations!

What does a subscription cost?

Significantly less than other vendors. And, with Pronunciator, your library gets a lot for the money.

Do you offer remote access?

Yes. Your patrons can use Pronunciator wherever they are.

Do you offer ESL?

Yes, for 50 non-English languages.

Do you offer live instruction by qualified instructors?

Yes, we have hundreds of live, teacher-led conversation groups, limited to 5 students per session to ensure individual attention, running 7 days a week.

Do you offer Citizenship Preparation?

Yes, our ProCitizen course is specifically designed for immigrants to succeed at the Naturalization Test.

Is Pronunciator accessible?

Yes,both our browser-based app and our custom apps for all Android, Apple, and Kindle Fire devices, are accessible to blind and low-vision users. The browser-based app can be used by screen readers such as JAWS, and can also be used in keyboard-only mode. The mobile apps support both TalkBack (Android) and VoiceOver (Apple), and can also be used with external USB keyboards.

Can your courses be customized?

Yes. Our Course Designer, free with your subscription, allows for the creation and deployment of custom online language courses. You can either leverage our content and functionality, create your own content (with your own audio, video, and custom words and phrases), or mix and match. Notably, Course Designer supports course creation in any language in the world.

Do you have structured courses, too?

Yes. Many languages have up to ten 8-week structured courses. Each course assumes 5 days per week of study, and 30 to 60 minutes per day of commitment. With a progressive degree of difficulty, the structured courses offer up to 80 weeks (20 months — nearly 2 years) of guided learning per language.

Do you have apps?

Yes, full-featured, native apps for all Android (tablet, phone), Apple (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) and Kindle Fire device types.

Do you have printed manuals?

Yes, 54-page full-color manuals are available in both English and Spanish at no charge to put into circulation, along with interactive PDF versions.

Where can I order promotional materials for my library?

In our Shop, which offers unlimited quantities and free shipping.

Do you have movies?

Yes, our ProFlix service includes full-length feature films with optional bilingual subtitles, drills, and quizzes!

Do you have music?

Yes. Our ProTunes and ProRadio services teach language through song!

What other libraries are using Pronunciator?

We serve thousands of libraries large and small across the United States. From Santa Clara County in California, to Suffolk County in New York; from Salt Lake City, to Albuquerque; a library near you is sure to have Pronunciator.

In addition, Pronunciator is available state-wide in Arkansas (Traveler), Louisiana, North Carolina (NC LIVE), and Texas (TexShare).

Call us at 800-328-1776 to get some local references.

Do you work with consortia?

Yes, and we are always open to working with more consortia to provide additional savings to members. We currently have agreements in place with LYRASIS, AMIGOS, Califa, the Suffolk Cooperative Library System (NY), the Nassau Library System (NY), the Pinellas Public Library Cooperative, and many others.

Do you provide usage reports?

Yes. Each library has password-protected access to detailed usage reports down to the library-card number. You can view registrations and logins, test activity, most popular languages, and more, for any date range. You can also download the data to any spreadsheet or database program.

How does authentication work?

We authenticate primarily by library card pattern, but have several other options available, including support for proxy servers.

How do you compare to...?

We offer more content, more learning options, and more functionality, at a much lower price, than any other vendor. Plus, uniquely, we have live teachers!

How much content do you have?

We provide an average of 9,000 phrases to learn per language course (about 30,000 words), which translates to about 4 years of activities per language; up to 350 hours of downloadable audio lessons per course; 4,000 downloadable PDF phrasebooks; dozens of feature films; thousands of songs; and 20,000 photos and custom illustrations to complement learning. Nobody else offers anything close to this amount of organized, premium content.

What type of support can we expect?

We provide same-day, 7-day-a-week support for libraries and patrons.

What about marketing support?

We lavish you with boxfuls of 4-color postcards, bookmarks, posters and manuals — at no extra charge.


How long have you been around?

We began development in 2009, and launched in 2011.

What is your methodology?

Pronunciator uses a combination of newfangled interactive techniques (e.g. virtual coaching, pronunciation analysis), and proven old-school methods (e.g. audio lessons, scored quizzes), in a structured learning approach that focuses on the intensive reinforcement of what is learned.

Is your content kid-friendly?

Yes, it’s appropriate from toddlers on up, thanks to the thousands of photos and custom pictograms we use. Plus, units that are particularly kid-friendly are marked with a kids icon.

We are proud that elementary schools have adopted Pronunciator as part of their language arts curriculum, and our live teachers keep kids challenged and engaged through regular online sessions.

You don’t need a separate platform to teach language to your youngest patrons — with Pronunciator, it’s fully integrated.

Is it easy to implement on our web site?

Yes, it’s just a matter of placing a link on your web page.

Do patrons need an email address to register?

Yes. The email address is normally used as a username, but other options are available at setup time.

What are the minimum technical requirements?

A web browser that has Flash installed, and JavaScript enabled.

Speakers or headphones are needed to hear the audio content.

A computer microphone is needed for interactive activities, such as pronunciation analysis.

Do you use humans for translations and voice?

Yes, native speakers are employed for both translation and voice-over work. No machine translation or computer voices are used.

Is there any content that is not included in a subscription?

No. All subscriptions provide full-access to all Pronunciator content for an unlimited number of concurrent users.

Are there download limits?

Yes. Each patron can download up to 90 MP3 audio lessons per month (about 60 hours of content); and up to 10 e-Phrasebooks per month. The following month, the cap is lifted, and they can resume streaming or downloading. This limit is patron-specific, and has no effect on the downloading or streaming of other patrons in your library.

How do I get a trial for my library?

Phone 800-328-1776 or fill out the form in the sidebar of this page.

How do I schedule a webinar for staff?

Phone 800-328-1776 or fill out the form in the sidebar of this page. We offer 30-minute live (as well as pre-recorded) webinars that cover all aspects of the service.

Where is your company based?

In Jackson, Wyoming, a stone’s throw from Grand Teton National Park.

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