Learn Urdu

Learn Urdu with the world’s largest Urdu resource.

Pronunciator’s Urdu learning method features:

  • 3,470 instructional phrases.
  • Localization (translations, interface, etc.) in 62 home languages.
  • The ability to create a personalized Urdu course in seconds, lasting anywhere from a month to a year.
  • Personalized courses supporting all ages, learning goals, skill levels, and a wide variety of personal interests.
  • Customized learning for your job — Design a personalized Urdu course specifically for any of 60 occupations.
  • Urdu PDF phrasebook available in 62 languages.
  • Thousands of hours of Urdu audio lessons narrated in 28 languages.
  • Only native Urdu human translators, voice artists and video actors are used throughout.