FAQ for Organizations

How many languages do you offer?

164 languages to learn, taught in 144 home languages. Notably, each of our courses has an average of 10,000 instructional phrases — far and away the largest in the world. Having this much didactic content enables Pronunciator to create seriously robust personalized courses.

Do you offer the ability to learn in languages other than English?

Yes. Pronunciator teaches 164 languages through any of 144 home languages. That’s 23,616 possible language combinations!

Are your COVID-19 language courses included in an institutional subscription?

Yes, our COVID-19 language courses in 101 languages are included at no extra charge for both existing and new institutional customers.

Can people subscribe to Pronunciator as individuals?

While Pronunciator is a premium language-learning resource that is only available to organizations, we offer Bluebird Languages for individual use.

Can learners create a personalized language course to help in their job?

Yes. You can create a personalized course for any of 60 occupations.

Do you offer other options to learn beside personalized language courses?

Absolutely! Pronunciator offers pure self-directed learning in each language’s “Main Course”; gently-guided learning for casual learners in the “Postcards” courses; 5,500,000 hours of audio lessons (that’s 628 calendar years!); comprehensive citizenship preparation courses for Canada and the United States; hundreds of thousands of video phrases; city guides; 23,472 downloadable PDF phrasebooks; interactive feature films; major label music with lyrics; and much (really much!) more.

Can my institution get a trial?

Yes. We offer free institutional trials to qualifying institutions (libraries, universities, schools, government agencies, corporations). Simply write sales@pronunciator.com or call: 800-328-1776.

Do you have an on-demand webinar that I can view?

Yes, simply write sales@pronunciator.com and we’ll send you a link to it.

How do I get a quote?

Write sales@pronunciator.com, including your population served or FTE in the body of the message, or call: 800-328-1776.

I heard that Pronunciator costs significantly less than competing products. How is that so?

Pronunciator sees itself as an educational company rather than a marketing company. Founded by a language teacher and librarian, Pronunciator is equal parts public service and business.

What is pricing based on?

For libraries, population served; for higher education, full-time student enrollment; for agencies and businesses, full-time employees.

Do you offer annual subscriptions? Multi-year discounted subscriptions?

Our default subscription is annual, all-access, but discounted multi-year subscriptions are also available.

Do you support consortia?

Yes, Pronunciator works with consortia in both the US and Canada. Existing relationships include: LYRASIS; CALIFA; Libraries Alberta; and states including Alabama, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine and Wyoming.

How many institutions currently subscribe to Pronunciator?

Over 1,500, plus several state-wide (and one province-wide) implementations.

How do you compare to __________?

Pronunciator has significantly more languages, more content, and more functionality. It is also the only solution to offer Personalized Language Courses, and is the only solution capable of offering this innovative approach in a robust manner, due to the immense amount of instructional content that we have developed and the way we have organized it. This, combined with very competitive pricing, a multi-year track record of delighted organizational clients, and a creative approach to everything, makes Pronunciator unique in the marketplace.

What type of user authentication do you support?

Pronunciator supports a wide variety of authentication methods, including library card pattern, EZProxy, WAM, email pattern, student ID, and more.

Does Pronunciator offer support direct to the end-user?

Yes, we provide 7 day/week email and phone support to staff and end-users alike.

Is Pronunciator accessible?

Yes, Pronunciator is WCAG 2.0 AA-Level Compliant. A VPAT is available on request.

Can learners use Pronunciator in a mobile device?

Yes, simply launch the Pronunciator app from any mobile browser. It’s written in responsive, accessible HTML5.

How long has Pronunciator been around?

We started development in 2010, and started serving institutions in 2012.

Where is Pronunciator based?

At the doorstep of the Grand Teton National Park in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.