FAQ for Learners

How many languages do you offer?

98, and counting. Notably, each of our courses has an average of 9,500 instructional phrases — far and away the largest in the world. You can create some robust personalized courses with so much content!

What is the longest personalized course I can create?

52 weeks. Each week features 5 days of lessons, and 1 review day.

Am I allowed to create more than one personalized course?

Absolutely! You can create as many personalized courses as you like.

Can I create a personalized course to help me in my job?

Yes. You can create a personalized course for any of 60 occupations (with more to come).

Do you offer the ability to learn in languages other than English?

Yes. Pronunciator helps you learn any of 98 languages through any of 62 home languages.

Do you offer other options to learn beside personalized language courses?

Mais oui! Pronunciator offers pure self-directed learning in each language’s “Main Course,” guided learning for casual learners in the “Postcards” courses; 650,000 hours of audio lessons (that’s 74 calendar years!); comprehensive citizenship preparation courses for Canada and the United States; video phrases; city guides; over 4,000 downloadable phrasebooks; interactive feature films; major label music with lyrics; and much (really!) more.

Can I subscribe to Pronunciator as an individual?

Pronunciator is a premium language-learning resource that is only available to organizations. Check with your local public library — they might have it and you’ll be able to use Pronunciator for free!

I'm a nurse and want to learn American Sign Language for use in my job. How can I do this?

Easy! While creating a Personalized Course, just select Nursing as your Occupation, and American Sign Language as the language you want to learn. Pronunciator will create a personalized course in ASL specifically designed for nursing.

I'm a foodie and a travel lover who wants to learn culinary Italian in 6 weeks before my trip to Rome. I'm most interested in speaking and understanding what others say to me. Can you help?

Si! Within minutes, you can create a 6-week personalized course for yourself that will meet all of your stated interests and learning goals!

My personalized course has 5 days of lessons each week, plus a review lesson. Must I do a lesson every day?

You can set your own pace, and do lessons whenever you like.

Can I use Pronunciator in my mobile device?

Yes, simply launch the Pronunciator app from any mobile browser. It’s written in responsive, accessible HTML5.

Can I create a personalized language course using Spanish as my home language?

Yes, you can create personalized language courses in any of 68 home languages, including Spanish.

I just created way too many personalized courses for myself. It's addictive! How do I delete the ones I won't be using?

In your list of personalized courses, just click the blue “X” button next to the course you want to delete. You’ll be asked to confirm your action before it’s deleted.

Do you have a course teaching English?

We have the world’s largest ESL courses, covering American, Australian, British and Canadian English, taught in 68 languages.

Can I download and print my progress reports and quiz scores?

Yes. You can download progress and score reports in neatly-formatted PDF format.