Pronunciator, the world's largest language-learning resource

For the past 12 years, Pronunciator has been quietly toiling away on a mission to create the most robust, most creative, most effective language-learning resources available.

We have a vast number of languages to learn (164), an unparalleled number of home languages (146), but also a peerless amount of instructional content available — an average of 10,000 instructional phrases per language. This is 20 times more content than our nearest competitor. It means you can learn more and go further with Pronunciator — much further. It also means you can create awesomely robust Personalized Courses (more on that below).

Our ESL courses (American, Australian, British, Canadian, Indian, Irish, New Zealand and Scottish English), each taught in any of 146 home languages, are themselves the largest in the world, with over 10,000 instructional phrases each. Our American Sign Language course is also the largest available, with 20,000 instructional videos.

But we don’t stop there. We also offer feature films with integrated drills and quizzes; video phrases where you can see the native speaker clearly speaking each instructional phrase (just like when you were a child learning your first language); over 6 million hours (that’s 685 calendar years) of downloadable audio lessons; major label music with lyrics; video city tours; and so much more.

Having this immense collection of resources puts Pronunciator in a unique position to offer Personalized Courses — which we consider to be the Holy Grail of computer-based language learning.

On top of that, our Course Designer lets educators quickly and easily create language courses, of any size, in any language, for use by their students.

Our newest solution, Bluebird, the largest audio collection in the world, is focused on teaching language hands-free with 12 million audio lessons.

Who we are

Founded by Robert Savage, a former university language teacher of ESL and a librarian, Pronunciator’s ethos is a blend of sustainable economics and public service. In the 10 years since we were awarded our first organizational contract, we have, for example, never raised our annual subscription rates, and personally know each one of our 1,500+ organizational clients.

We’re based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, “The Last of the Old West,” and think of Pronunciator as pioneering into the vast frontier of human language, helping others discover its endless rewards.