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60 languages. 3 million lessons. The world's largest language-learning service.

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Pronunciator is the brainchild of librarian/entrepreneur Robert Savage, and the ongoing work of an international team of 947 people — translators, teachers, librarians, editors, voice artists, sound engineers, graphic artists, and programmers.

We primarily serve public libraries, as well as individuals who don't have access to Pronunciator through their public library.

Our mission is simply to provide the most comprehensive, feature-rich, engaging language-learning solution available.

Main office:
Pronunciator, LLC
PO Box 2167
Shepherdstown WV 25443 US

(304) 876-1212

UK and Australia:

London (UK): 020 8144 4062

Sydney (AU): (02) 8005 7882


For fastest service, please open a support ticket for technical or customer service questions.